What Is the Key to Link Building in SEO

Link Building In SEO: Search engine optimization is a lengthy process. It takes a good year to completely optimize your website for search engines. However, it can be done with the use of right techniques. Broadly, search engine optimization is categorized in two types of techniques. The first type is on- page SEO. And the second type is off- page SEO.

On page SEO is everything that has to with what is on your website. So your content quality, keyword density, images that you put in your content, plagiarism is any and overall structure of your website come under on page SEO.

As for off page SEO, it has to mainly deal with what goes on offline on your website? This means that your website’s offline marketing comes under this off page SEO. And besides social media marketing, link building is one of the major factors of your on page SEO. However, do we even understand how links work?

What are links in search engine optimization?


links in link building seo

To put simply, a link is exactly what the term suggests. It is a link between two websites or web pages. So imagine that you have a website that is primarily a blog. You write a blog post. Someone else posts the URL of your blog post on their website. That is a link.

Why are links useful?


The primary reason why search engine optimization experts go after links is because they can up your rankings on search engine. When Google first launched, its only algorithm was known as Page Rank. Page Rank, named after one of Google’s founders Larry Page, is still in use today. Today, the importance of page rank may not be the same as it first launched but it is still a major part of Google’s algorithm and it is only for good. See, you need to ask yourself why would a website mention the URL of another website on their page?

Think Deeply

think deeply in seo

Keep search engine optimization aside for a while. Think closely. Imagine that you are a technology blogger. A new phone comes in the market and you decide to review it. You purchase the phone from an online website and use it.

As part of your blog, you would want to add a link to the website where people can purchase that phone as well if they prefer. But would you want to add link to a website whose experience was not good? You would only link to a website that can create good experience for your visitors. This is why when other websites link to your website, Google considers your website as credible and wants to rank your website higher up in the results.

Another use of links is that they help in sending link juice. So in the technology blog example, if you link the website of an online store on your blog, chances are some people who are interested in purchasing that phone would open that link. So it is sending traffic to that website. That is how links help in sending traffic.

What are the different types of links?


When it comes to link building in SEO, links can be categorized in two types broadly. The first of these types is external links. These are the links as mentioned before and the links that define links generally. They are much more effective and perform well in search engine marketing. When another website links to your website, this is external link. It is because another website is linking to you and thus it is called external linking. On the other hand, you have internal links.

These are links that you add to your website. How this generally works is that you link two of your web pages. In terms of search engine optimization, it is recommended that you go for external links if you want to rank on search engines through link building. However, internal links can be very effective as well and nobody minds some link juice. If placed strategically, both internal and external links can make a huge difference in your marketing.

What is the key to building links in search engine optimization?


key to link building in seo

If you want to achieve search engine optimization through link building, there are a few things you should know. When Page Rank was launched, it took into account two things. The first of these things was the number of links associated with your website. And the second of these things is the quality of your links. So it is not the quantity of links associated with your website but also the quality of your links. If you want to judge if and how much is the quality of a certain link, you should do so by calculating its domain authority.

Moz Tool

There are more than 200 factors that Google takes into account when ranking websites. Now you can’t tell how well a website is going to rank if you keep calculating each one of these factors. This is why our favorite company Moz came up with this metric that is today known as domain authority. When all of these 200 plus factors are combined, it gives you a single value based on a logarithm scale of 0 to 100 that tells you how well your website is going to rank on search engines. So the higher this number, the more you are likely to rank on search engines.

Increase Domain Authority

Link building in SEO is not all that we mentioned earlier. Today, you also need to look into relevance. You should build as many links you can and as much of higher domain authority as you can. But the thing to note is your niche. Suppose that you are working in the niche of fashion. And the website that is linking to you is a technology blog. Do you think Google is going to trust this a lot? Not likely. Now imagine you an online fashion store and the website that is linking to you is a fashion blog. Do you think it is going to make a difference? Well, yes. You need to find websites that operate in the same niche as you do.

Avoid Black Hat SEO Link Building Strategies

avoid black hat seo

Now that you have an idea what is the right way to build links and what is link building in SEO, you should also know how these tips can be turned into strategies. When it comes to creating strategies, it should be noted that there are two kinds of strategies in search engine optimization. You have your white hat strategies and you have your black hat strategies.

  • Black hat strategies focus on using techniques that try to trick search engines into getting the website ranked. It does not always work but when it does, it does not last for long. You know why? This is because search engines are getting smarter and smarter every day. And the algorithms keep changing. When you try to trick a search engine, it is only based on its algorithm. However, this algorithm keeps changing. Take Google for example.

What is Google trying to achieve? Excellent user engagement. Now when you try to provide that through your website and try to rank based on what Google wants you to do when it comes to ranking, those are called white hat SEO strategies. Let’s look at examples.

Don’t Publish Plagiarized Content


We are sure that you have heard about plagiarism. Now when it comes to that, a lot of people wonder why someone would do it when Google hates it so much. Well, here is why. It is because of the content of any website that it gets to rank. Be it keywords or content value, it all comes down to the value that the website provides.

Now some websites assume that they can copy another website’s content and rank on search engines based on the effort other people put in their content. Not only can one be sued for plagiarism, it is considered a highly unethical activity in content creation industry. Google may rank your website when you plagiarize a little higher up but it notices immediately that your content is plagiarized. Now when that happens, your rankings come escalating down. And your website can even be penalized.

What you need to know is that if you want to be on the web in the long term and don’t come off as shady to Google, you need to stick to white hat SEO strategies no matter what.

How to build links through white hat SEO techniques?


white hat seo

There are a lot of ways that you can use to build links in SEO using white hat SEO. The most common one of these is guest posting. It is one of the oldest and easiest ways. Plus, it gets you a lot of link juice.

So what is guest posting?

free guest posting

When you have a website, you are part of a community of websites that operate in the same niche as you. A lot of times these websites want to invite a guest writer to their website. This writer writes a post that is published under their name and titled as guest post. This is beneficial for the website because of course, they are getting content free of cost. This content is able to rank on search engines and gets them traffic. They can monetize this traffic in a number of ways. That is how they benefit from it.

Benefits of Guest Posting

The writer benefits from the publication as well. In some cases, a part of the revenue generated from the blog is shared with the author but that is not the case majority of times. What does happen though always is that the writer two back links in return. Since the content is published under the name of the writer who generated that content, the publisher blog is supposed to add a link to give proper credits to the writer. This is how you get links from valuable platforms that operate in the same niche as yours.

Why Guest Posting is a good strategy for link building?

If you stick with guest posting, you should be able to generate a great many number of links and that too, consistently. You will be working with websites with great domain authorities and that is the whole point.