SEO for Beginners: A Brief Guide To Make Money

SEO is the best way to optimize the website. SEO (search engine optimization) is very useful for persons who are working online for their business. It helps them to make their website successful and more famous in the worker of internet. It teaches the people how to do and what to do for their success. Many people through their tutorials and videos teach the classes for SEO.

Bloggers who just started their business and want to make it loss-free should have a complete knowledge of SEO. Today I will tell you about the SEO so you can make your business profitable. After reading this, you will be able to understand SEO and its working very well.

SEO for beginners requires some important points to follow for its complete knowledge and understanding


Choose Title

The first and the most important part of SEO is to choose the title of your website and its content. The best way to optimize you website is to choose the keywords. Choose keywords very carefully. Always select that word which you think the visitor will type in his search engine to get his desire data. Keep in mind, this keyword should be related to your website content. Do not use the same keywords for all the pages of your website. In short, you should invest specific time for choosing these words.

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It will help you to attract more and more traffic towards your website and make it profitable for you. After selecting the words, question arises, “where this word should be placed for the best results??” You should place this word in specific places such as URL, on the top of the page i.e. page title or in the header. It makes every page of the website more visible for the visitor. Keep in view that keywords should not be over crowded.

Unprofessional SEO For Beginners

Unprofessional SEO for beginners will be dangerous to their website. It will reduce the SEO position in the search engine. So choose only two or three words for every web page. You can choose many such words but before this you should have to know about the keywords and its types. Also, you should have an idea about the consequences of selecting the improper words. So a beginner should have a complete knowledge of this for his successful business.

If you do not apply SEO on your website, it will limit your visitors. The search engine will not show your website in the top position or leave you to wait for traffic on your website. Do not leave SEO for tomorrow. It will increase your work because you should have to do the work of more days in very short interval of time. In addition, it will create mistakes intentionally or not in your work. It will not enhance traffic of your website but also reduce it. As a result it will prove as the most dangerous thing for your website.

Keep An Eye On Your Competitors

Do not work blindly. Keep an eye on your competitors. Choose such content and keywords that will rank you above them in the business. Boost your website time by time for getting more earning. If you want to rank your website in the top position of the search engine, change the website content after particular time. As we all know the Google updates the ranking of websites every month. So it will help the Google to rank your website in higher ranking almost every month. The changing of the content and keywords of your website will give the people a reason to visit your website again.

Select Only Good Quality Content

Another thing is the selection of the content for the website. Always choose the unique and attracting data for your website. Do not copy content from any another website. It not only creates a problem for you in the form of copyright issue but also repels the people from your website.

Use Google Search Console

You should have to concern the Google search console for getting an idea about your website traffic and the most attracting keywords. It is very powerful tool to enhance your business. SEO for beginners is a simple method to enhance the traffic on the website.


Just follow the above mentioned steps perfectly and you will get good results in few weeks or months. If you follow these steps and become a successful man in SEO, your website will progress day by day and enhance your earning.

Once you show an interest in the SEO, it will become easier for you to understand it. In short, it is one time investment for your business. Only SEO learning will not keep your business successful but you should have to provide the content to your visitor that please them.

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