Samsung Galaxy S10 Leaked Images are breaking internet

Overview of new leaked Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung is rumoured to have a lower-cost Galaxy S10 version on work, and the image appears to be leaked. WinFuture releases a series of photos showing a Samsung Galaxy S10E, a 5.8-inch version of thicker bezels, dual cameras, and a smaller battery. The phone should be sold for approximately $859. This doesn’t mean “low cost, “but the ballpark starts at $749 on an iPhone XR. Both phones seem to share a great deal: they’re lower-end versions of flagship devices that look largely identical, only with some small visual and technical downgrades.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Design

Like the iPhone XR, the S10E screen seems to be a big difference. Instead of having a screen that curves along edges such as the S9 (and probably the rest of the S10 line), the normal screen seems to only go flat across the phone surface.

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It has also thicker bezels, nearly giving it a similarity to the XR. However, it keeps the punch-hole camera. Another thing about the S10E: a side fingerprint sensor should be available rather than rear or a below display sensor. For Samsung which often does not use side sensors, this would be unusual. Moreover, most of the cell phone industry moved away from them. The four Galaxy S10 versions of Samsung are supposed to have in place. The S10, S10 Plus and 5G version should be in addition to this low-end model. Three rear cameras and fingerprint sensors are expected to be present in these models. They ought to be announced this month later.

Is Samsung going to introduce the first foldable Smartphone in its upcoming s10 series?

Samsung Galaxy S10 Foldable

A video teaser for the upcoming Samsung Unpacked event scheduled for 20 February was reportedly posted and removed by Samsung Vietnam. In it, a mix of existing and conceptual devices is demonstrated by the company, one of which is a pliable phone. Question is: is it just the concept, or do we have a foldable display on Samsung’s very first phone? In November at its Developer Conference, Samsung first teased its premium foldable phone, which is expected to cost $1,700. There was a 7.3-inch internal folding display with a resolution of 1536x 2152 flanked by a smaller display, a resolution of 4.58 inches, and 840x 1960 when closed. Unfortunately, the device had been disguised as dark pieces in the design by a chunky case. “There’s a device inside here, and it is stunning, “the presenter said at the time.

Extra-wide hole- punch camera is going to be an additional feature of Samsung galaxy s10

From the leaked images it’s easily be seen two lens hole-punch camera on the top right of the display and a belt of lenses and flash modules on the back of the screen with earlier leaks on the S10 Plus. The lock screen icons also match previous images, indicating that Samsung updates the user interface with rounded and somewhat slightly cute icons in 2019. A rear fingerprint sensor is especially missing in that representation. This suggests that the S10 lineup will actually offer an on-screen fingerprint sensor a feature seen from a few companies like Vivo, Xiaomi and (leadingly) Oppo.

Infinity-O Display

Galaxy S10 Infinity-O Display

It will be a first from Samsung, though. Not all fingerprint rear sensors are convenient to use, in particular as display sizes keep expanding.  The new leaked rendering also gives a fine view of the new “Infinity-O” display from Samsung. It’s rumoured it is a 6.4-inch S10 Plus display, the same size as the Galaxy Note 9. (The ”O” refers to camera cutout style. The’ U’ and ‘V’ displays in Samsung are available in rounded angular notches). Additional sizes, including a smaller 5.8-inch device and a 6.7-inch device a rumoured 6-camera 5G anniversary device, will be provided.


Additionally, noteworthy data are available from Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 or Exynos 9820 SoC (depending on the area), up to a storage terabyte, and from 6 GB RAM. Previous leaks also showed that the headphone jack remains on the S10 series and that the Bixby button on the left side of the system. The camera array on the rear of the screen is supposed to contain a wide-angle, telephoto and default lens and the new colour option seen in the rendering is called the “prism white”.

Cryptocurrency wallet in new Samsung Galaxy S10

A first look at the Samsung Blockchain KeyStore app is also provided by this new leak. The images were first spotted by SamMobile in a tweet by Ben Geskin. The Native cryptocurrency wallet application is described on the splash page as a “safe and convenient place for cryptocurrency,” and will allow users to import currencies including Ethereum as well as using biometric safety authentication.”

samsung galaxy s10 cryptocurrency wallet

It is not sure whether the wallet is ready on day one, or whether it is widely available, of course, if this happens, you’re not going to have to wait at least long. Samsung is unveiling the Blockchain KeyStore on the 20th of February, and if it’s ready for use it will most likely make at least a brief mention. Although it’s probably not the main reason people get an S10, if you invested in digital cash, it is a real benefit.

Wi-Fi 6 providing a cutting edge technology in new Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 will going to be one of the first Smartphone to support Wi-Fi 6’s faster Internet connections. Regulatory Samsung filings, reported by Droid Life, reveal that the up to date Wi-Fi standard is supported by the three models of the next phone models.

However, those speed gains will not do much at once. Nearly nobody has a router with Wi-Fi 6 and you need one to make the most of the benefit of Wi-Fi 6 upgrade. Wi-Fi 6 does not provide huge speed gains for single devices as well. It should be performing better on households or on Wi-Fi networks with a ton of devices connected (i.e., a home equipped with a bunch of smart devices), and these devices need Wi-Fi 6 too to really see benefits.

Is it a valuable feature?

Yes, it’s still a valuable feature. It makes the phone a bit more future-proof and in the next couple of years, you’ll buy a new router, your home is probably supported by Wi-Fi 6. So far, not many Wi-Fi 6 devices have existed, but the Galaxy S10 suggests it could nearly going to change, The new Snapdragon855, which includes support for Wi-Fi 6, is likely to be provided with Qualcomm’s new state- of- the- art processor. That chip isn’t widely used yet, but it should end up with some of the first Wi-Fi 6 devices on the market in many Android flagship phones this year.

Low-price Galaxy S10 seems to be pro in performance

For a while now, it’s been rumoured that Samsung is supplementing the standard S10 and the super-sized S10 Plus with a third Galaxy S10 model.  The most up-to-date set of leaks has confirmed both, the design and the name for the low cost and small one, Samsung Galaxy S10e, by SlashLeaks. While a number of newsletters have already drained the overall design of the S10e thoroughly from the ever-reliable Winfuture, as described above, the latest leak confirmed the final missing part of the puzzle: the name of the S10e.

Smaller in size

The S10e is expected to be substantially smaller than its siblings, with a 5.8-inch display instead of 6.1- and 6.4-inch screen for S10 and S10 Plus respectively. Like the regular S10, it will have one front-facing hole-punch cameras, but instead of the three-lens system rumoured for the S10 and S10 Plus they will only be confined to just two rear cameras. The S10e should also be somewhat wider, without sloping sides, which the standard S8, S9 and presumably S10 should have.

Samsung’s profit report

As happens every quarter, Samsung Electronics turned a profit report into its guidelines. This quarter, however, the difference is that the guidance is unusually poor, with the company predicting that it’s operating profit of 10.8 trillion (~$9.7 billion) will be down 29 per cent year-on-year. Revenue dropped slightly to the height on which the Samsung supplied revenue from 10 per cent a year earlier, to 59,27 trillion( $ 53,3 billion).

Samsung says its income has mainly been affected by decreasing demand for memory chips, usually, their largest driver of profit, as well as by decreased Smartphone shipments and increased mobile display competition. The company does not expect memory demand to recover in this quarter and warns that overall performances are lower over the full year with mainly flat Smartphone sales.

However, the decline in the last quarter was not enough to stop Samsung’s record financial performance for the whole 2018 year, and the company believes that the next Galaxy S10 flagship, the name of which is actually confirmed in this report, will ‘stimulate sales and business performance in the next few months.’ In an otherwise challenging market, Foldable and 5G devices are also designed to “secure sustainable growth,” because the S9 is not well- sold, Samsung needs a hit this year.