How Do I Become A Computer Service Technician

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Computer Service Technician Education

The preparation can already begin in high school, where a prospective computer service technician may take vocational courses. Pre-college professional courses can provide transferable credits to an associate’s degree.

Most aspiring computer service technicians earn a 1-2 year associate’s degree in electronics through a vocational school or community college. Students take courses in microprocessors, programming, network security, electronics maintenance, and troubleshooting and software installation.

Earn Certification

Individuals should consider A+ certification through the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA). That is absolute for individuals with at least 500 hours of work experience ( This entry-level certification consists of two exams; the first exam tests technical knowledge and professional customer service skills, and the second exam presents problem-solving and troubleshooting scenarios.

The A+ certification is the most popular entry-level certification, but advancing computer service technicians can pursue specialty certifications as well. The Electronics Technicians Association (ETA) offers about 50 electronics certifications. Applicants working toward these advanced levels first need to pass the Associate Electronics Technician (CETA) exam on basic electronics (

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Obtaining CompTIA and ETA certifications lets employers know that job candidates meet professional and common knowledge standards. Many employers and certification organisations have continuing education requirements for practicing technicians. However, whether they gain work experience, attend seminars or take additional training courses, computer service technicians need to constantly update their hardware and software knowledge as computing technology evolves.

Career information for the IT service technician

Computer service technicians can service PCs and commercial networks and often work with a combination of software installation and convenient electronic maintenance. Computer components reinstalled or replaced rather than being repaired, as this is usually less expensive.

The technicians deal with customers who may or may not have the necessary computer skills. Therefore, patient service and practical problem solving are essential skills. Replacement of parts and hardware upgrades are expected to contribute to a decline of 1% percent for computer repairs over the 2018-2028 decade, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

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Also, individuals with certification or other formal education may expect more favorable job prospects.

Computer service technicians need an associate’s degree in a related field. Employers may also require A+ certification. Additional certifications for specific software applications and hardware products are also available.

Job description for IT service technicians

Computer service technicians are responsible for ensuring that laptop and desktop systems operate at maximum efficiency. They often work for so-called “big-box retailers” who often offer service programs for the hardware they sell, but they remain also used by specialized repair shops and smaller independent retailers specializing in selling equipment and systems.

Computer service technicians diagnose problems with computers, including hardware, software, and malware. Regardless of the cause, the service technician is expected to identify the problem, report the estimated cost of the solution, and fix the issue as soon as approval is prolonged.

Most problems encountered by a technician are relatively routine and easy to isolate. Primarily, if they are determined by regular hardware diagnostic, while problems with system software, malware or even network problems are more challenging to diagnose and require more work and time. Applicants for the position must have some computer engineering education or practical experience in computer repair.

In some specialized repair shops and authorized service centers, technicians may need to have technical certifications in areas related to computer science. Technicians often work in garages, although some employers carry out repairs and on-site diagnostics, which may also require fieldwork.

Salary of a Computer Service Technician

An early career Computer Service Technician with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total compensation (includes tips, bonuses, and overtime pay) of $15.94 based on 20 salaries. A mid-career Computer Service Technician with 5-9 years of experience earns an average total compensation of $20.00 based on 12 salaries.

An experienced Computer Service Technician with 10-19 years of experience receives an average total pay of $24.31 based on ten salaries. In their late-career (20 years and higher), employees earn an average full bonus of $29. However, the median salary for computer service technician was $45,500 as of 2019, according to

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