7 Best Tools to Embed Twitter Feed on your Website

embed Twitter feed

Embed Twitter Feed

It’s a progressive step to embed Twitter feed on your website. Why? Because Twitter as a social media platform is one of the most updated, engaging, informational and a great source of user-generated content. 

Businesses have established their presence on Twitter to garner the opportunities of consumer attraction. Moreover for engagement, and conversion as it enables two-way communication and networking amongst consumers and businesses. 

The concept of consumers tweeting their opinions, experiences, feedbacks, images, videos or reviews concerning the business and its commercial activities unlock the possibilities for the brands to accumulate this user-generated content and display it as social proof to the audience. 

To embed Twitter feed on website containing all user-generated content helps a brand in building brand authenticity. Also, positive brand image, and identity and promote their products services. It strengthens the brand and initiate pragmatic word-of-mouth advertising. 

So we have accumulated 7 tools that you can use to embed Twitter feed on website

1. Taggbox

It is a social media aggregator tool that lets you embed Twitter feed into an engaging Twitter wall to display all the relevant moderated content on your website. 

Taggbox is an easily operated and embeddable tool that comes with creative display alternatives, artistic themes and extensive personalization options giving you the freedom to design your interactive and prolific Twitter feed. 

Besides imaginative design options, its content moderation feature lets you curate and display content. That is most relevant, engaging, buzzing and personalized to your brand. And its responsive design and real-time functionality makes it adaptable to all sort of devices. Also, exhibit the latest content from Twitter by tracking keywords, hashtags, mentions and even handles. 

2. EverWall

EverWall, earlier known as Tweetwall, also lets you embed Twitter feed as per your liking and requirements. It curates content from Twitter using hashtags, keywords and handles with the feature of inactivating tweets and links ensuring the best quality content. 

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Its moderation panel lets you display fresh, authentic and quality content and monitor and customize the feed in real-time. And embedding it into your website is easy with copying the provided HTML code and pasting it on the page of your website where you want to display the feed.

3. Hootfeed

Hootfeed, a Twitter wall integration tool provided by Hootsuite with options for personalization, creative designs, fast responsiveness and analytics and moderation tools for showcasing the best quality content to the audience. 

The feature of displaying real-time Twitter feeds to the audience makes it more interactive and engaging. Besides that, Performance measurement and content curation are key characteristics of Hootfeed. Also, they have a cost-free individual embed Twitter feed plan. 

4. Twitter Widgets

Similar to others, Twitter Widgets is also used to embed Twitter feed and empowering your business to display tweets on your website. It offers you 4 options of Twitter widgets namely favorites, lists, user timelines and searches to customize. 

In detail, Favorites feature gathers content marked as favorites by the users, list widgets accumulates content from your handles and subscriptions, searches collects personalized search results from Twitter and finally content from public profiles is accumulated through user timeline widget. 

This is an excellent tool for someone who is looking to display a specific form of content to their website. 

5. TweetWally

Tweet Wally, as the name suggests, is a dedicated tool to embed Twitter feed to your website. Tweetwally has the option of customizing the search and get filter results and display on your website, events or conference using a given URL. 

A big drawback to this is that it does not offer a moderation tool. That can become a huge risk for the business. Since it would not be able to filter out the inappropriate content or unwanted negative content that might result in adverse consequences for the business.  Although Tweetwally has some excellent features but unavailability of moderation tools makes it worse. 

6. TwitterFall 

TwitterFall is a Twitter-underpinned tool that aggregates real-time data from Twitter to embed twitter feed. Then it displays it in on Twitter feed, which can be embedded in the website. The key feature of TwitterFall is that you can display the full-screen Twitter feed on your website. 

Besides which you can modulate the size, text, design, and exclusion of tweets from the Twitter feed along with the speed adjustment, content curation and smart insights into the Twitter feed analytics. 

7. TweetBeam

It is a social media aggregator tool that gives you an option to visualize your curated Tweets on your website or at any event or conference. 

TweetBeam is one of the most visually appealing tools to embed twitter feed. Because it creates a wall of profile images of the Twitter users whose tweets have been accumulated to be displayed on the wall and as you click on the image it shows the contents of the tweet.  It also offers personalization and moderation characteristics for displaying quality content. 


To embed Twitter feed on to your website can be definitely an advantageous alternative. Because it generates more engagement, maximizes visitors and spreads brand awareness through user-generated content. It is an excellent marketing tactic to carried out by users with minimal investment from the business. 

So, do not hesitate and try out these tools to get maximum benefits for your business. 

Author: Asad Shehzad

Asad Shehzad writes SEO articles for online business marketers to make their Google search rankings surge. His articles have appeared in a number of websites i.e., https://elearningindustry.com / www.i4u.com and https://www.theodysseyonline.com. He contributes articles about SEO techniques regularly to www.prepostseo.com.

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