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5 Critical Components of Robust Digital Transformation Strategy


Digital transformation is a strategic priority for most industries today. Industries which used legacy infrastructure for decades are also opening up to the idea of digital transformation. Since they witness the business value being created in other industries. Over the last few years the market trends have changed drastically. More and more businesses are focusing on reaping benefits out of a strategic digital outlook. Digital transformation is more than digital products and services; it’s also about the processes that create, enable, manage, and deliver them. That’s where IT comes in.

For businesses to thrive, a proper strategy should be in place but only timely, systematic execution in phases can help meet business goals. Digital transformation is an ongoing process. That is why it’s important that enterprises don’t think of it as a milestone to achieve. New customer and technology trends will continue to evoke transformation at every stage. But any company that is ready to embark on the journey of digital transformation must also clearly align their business objectives with their digital strategy.

Digital transformation can enable an enterprise to leverage technology for optimizing business processes, improving employee and customer experience, and boosting efficiency. But it’s imperative that companies understand that along with IT. Also, the other essential segments such as legal and HR need to be on the same page when it comes to executing a digital transformation strategy.

The following infographic explains the five critical components of a digital transformation strategy.

digital transformation infographic

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