share emergency on android and ios

How to set up emergency location sharing on Android and iOS

  Share Emergency Location: Smartphones are very spectacular for taking photos, scanning news, and sending messages, but they can also be literal saviors if you take the time to arrange them before they are needed.   Both Android and iOS have an easy-to-use system to share your location with friends, family members or other trusted…

how to fix iphone when connected with wifi but no internet

How to fix iPhone connected to WiFi but no internet access

Push the power button of a wireless router or modem, to switch it off and restart again. Remove the AC adapter from the power supply and remove it for approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute. After some time, reconnect and reactivate the device to the power source. Wait until all lights are stable and green. Use your iPhone to connect to Wi-Fi and see if the results are positive. If your iPhone still has no Internet access and you experience the same problem after it’s switched off and switched on again, solve your iPhone software problem using one of the methods given below. Test your internet connection to see if the problem is solved or not after each method. If necessary, proceed to the next solution.