5 Things To Check After Writing An Email

how to write an email


No matter how much the current world is into texting and tweeting, nothing beats email in terms of communication. From effective lead generation to discussing deals, project submissions, recruitment, official applications, marketing solutions or solving customer issues, everywhere email plays a pivotal role in every organization.

Hence it is important to write the email correctly so that it does not degrade your company’s reputation.

The following are the 5 essential things to check before you hit the send button of email:

1. Grammar, Punctuation, and Spellings

The best way to do a quick grammar and punctuation check is with Grammarly software. The Grammarly free trial version proofreads you email body instantly and detects all existing grammatical, punctuation and spelling mistakes with corrective suggestions. It is easy to integrate with all browsers. Grammarly cost nothing for the free trial version while for the premium version; it comes with monthly and yearly subscription plans with advanced features.

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2. Check the Subject line/Recipients

The subject of an email is the first thing that is going to make the receiver open your mail. So, make sure it is interesting and 100% justifies your email body. Go for precise interesting subject lines that can be viewed completely across different devices like PC, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Check if you are sending it to correct recipient with any spelling mistakes in the subject line. Also, maintain proper space alignment with Capitalization of the first letter for important words.

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3. Maintain a professional tone

While you are communicating with your client through email, make sure your email body doesn’t have any offensive words or causal abbreviations. Start with addressing warmly; introduce yourself or your organization and then proceed to the main body. If you are responding to emails; start with thanking the recipient and always close the email with closing remarks. Make sure you maintain a warm professional tone in the email so that it is not misinterpreted.

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4. Check for Links, attachments, and images

Make sure to mention your attachments in the email body. Also check, that you are not sending broken links, properly uploaded and correct attachments, and a proper size image if you are sending any. Sometimes words get underlined in email like contact details, dates, etc. So make sure you correct them to prevent confusions. Also make sure you don’t include any sensitive information like passwords, account numbers or any confidential details in the email body.

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5. Check Formatting

Formatting is very important in professional emails. Make sure your email body follows a professional font style like ‘Times New Roman’ instead of any cursive or funky fonts. Your font size should not be more than 12 and also check that your font color has clarity and easy to read. Stick to a basic black color for the mail body and opt for bright colors instead of the light transparent ones for highlighting your service, offers or anything.

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